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Your Safe, Sane, Positive Humane Groomer, Sheila

Sheila has extensive experience in dog behaviour, health and positive humane handling methods. Sheila comes from a background in Human Social Services and brings all those skills to her grooming profession. She has owned, bred , shown and trained Belgian Shepherd Dogs under the Ravenmasque prefix since 1992. Come meet Arden at the salon, she is Sheila’s constant companion. Sheila also shares her life with Pink!, a Sphynx cat.

Sheila is one of a small number of Fear Free Certified Groomers in Toronto as well as Canadian Professional Pet Stylist Certified. CPPS is the only certifying body for groomers in Canada.

A Grooming School certificate of completion is not a certification, the difference is significant.
Groomers in Canada are not regulated, it is up to the pet owner to ensure the safety of their pet behind closed doors.

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